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A Reunion And A Good Deal

Guess what? My cousin just confirmed that she’ll be able to visit Bahrain in the next few weeks but the problem is she doesn’t know where to stay. I have suggested several hotels and asked her to choose, but the thing is she has no time to make phone calls at the moment. Before she could even ask me another favor, I immediately told her please don’t make me do it! I don’t know but I just hate phone calls and hotel bookings especially when the call is being passed from one to another and another and another. It really annoys me!

But of course, I won’t leave her clueless. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Right? Hahaha! I told her that nowadays Hotel Reservations could be made and done online.

We’ve tried it many times here at work for my boss. He travels a lot for business purposes and visited a lot of places already. Instead of checking and calling the hotels one by one, we prefer to book his hotel rooms through the above. That way, time is saved wisely. Since he travels where mostly exhibits are done, we have to find the nearest hotel to where the exhibit is being held. With Hotel Reservations online, it’s quick and easy. They have an advanced hotel search, it helps you locate a hotel either by its address, amenities or even zip codes. And knowing my dear boss, he’s very much particular with the facilities provided by the hotel. So to avoid headaches and booking complications, we stick to online hotel reservations. It’s 100% guaranteed! You book a room and you’ll surely have one for you when you arrived. If you need a pick-up from the hotel, you can also request and they will provide you as per your rates. Sounds like a good deal eh?


  • Alexa

    It was an unforgettable experience I had in Buenos Aires. It was the first time I travelled alone. Of course I am a stranger into the place, thus I always have a travel map with me (thanks also for the help of google map). First time experience is exciting and a little bit nervous.

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