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A Toddler In Mini

I certainly agree with Sassy Lawyer’s view on The Sexualization Of Young Girls. Her article suddenly brought me back to my childhood memories, on how I was dressed up. And at the same time, it made me think if I’m on the right path when it comes to dressing up my 17 month old daughter.

First, let’s spot the difference on how children were dressed up during my time and during my little one’s time.

Okay, now don’t laugh!!!

I think it has also something to do with the fad, then and now. I remember owning ruffled dresses in different colors and styles. Nowadays, you hardly find these kind of dresses in the market, unless they specialize on ruffled dresses heehee! When I go out to buy my daughter’s clothes, I often find the exact style of an adult’s dress fit for toddlers. And I find it cute especially when matched with fancy trinkets and shoes. Cute… if a toddler wears it.

I must agree on Sassy Lawyer’sthey looked like children when they were children rather than miniature adults“. That somehow made me ask myself “am I one of those moms?” Maybe yes. Blame it on the gifts bwehehehe!

Maybe not. There’s one thing I am sure of. Once Deye passed this stage, I’ll be the first one to stop her from wearing plunging neck tops and mini skirts. If she insists, she’d better be sure that she carries it well and stays reserved, otherwise…

Here’s my defense Mommy Connie… Toink! I maybe one of those moms…. But… Could it be because I don’t have the guts to wear those styles? Hahaha! Honestly, I wanted to but I just can’t…

Now tell me… This is some kind of a dilemma…. Di ako makarecover sa nabasa ko hehehe!

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  • KK

    you have a lovely little princess. i try my best to dress up my little girl with little girl dresses but she wears a 2 piece for a swimsuit. at her age we used to go naked at the beach.


  • Mitchteryosa

    When we go to Church, she wears those little girl dresses. Syempre naman di appropriate yun. Or kapag may okasyon na dapat girly ang outfit like bdays and Xmas, yun she dressed up properly. :p



  • Analyse

    my Louna is dressed up exactly the same way as your Deye. as you said, it must be the fad nowadays. but i dont see her like a mini-adult, she’s just normally dressed.. my SIL kept some clothes of her daughter who is 12 yo now, and honestly, louna used some when she was younger and that’s the most baduy moment of her childhood life.. so i dont accept hand-me-downs from my SIL now, for god’s sake hehehe..


  • Christianne

    May napansin ako, I just came from Analyse’s blog and your Deye in those pics looks just like her Louna! Or they could pass for sisters, at least. What a coincidence 😀


  • rhodora

    Cute pa naman kung ganyang age – masarap bihisan, di ba, parang doll… 🙂 Pero pag medyo lumaki na, like the one you are in the picture, mas maganda kung medyo ilagay na sa lugar ang pagbihis.


  • ScroochChronicles

    Cute nga ni Deye. Pero to be fair din naman kay Connie, may mga bata kasi na kung bihisan parang mga starlet na talaga. Malaswa na minsan.

    Personally, I dress my kids like mini-me’s also. Eh ang fashion statement ko, t-shirt and shorts, sundress, and flipflops. Ayun mukhang mga beach bums anak ko..hehehe 🙂


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Scrooch : Let me just make it clear ha? I don’t have anything against on what Connie had written. I totally agree with her lalo na kung ang bata ay nasa 5 above na. It doesn’t look cute anymore para bang minamadali ng magdalaga. I just had to defend myself hahaha! Kasi di ako makarecover sa nabasa ko dahil guilty ako! :p

    @ Analyse : Oo nga. Iba na kasi ang makikita mo ngayon sa mga malls. So far wala pang nagpamana kay Deye, swerteng bata lahat bago!

    @ Christianne : Talaga? They must be sisters from their past lives hehe!

    @ Rhodora : Korek ka dyan!

    @ Cheche : Mahahalikan kita pag nakita kita, kamukha ko kamo eh! :p


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