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A Token Of New Friendship

Another Filipina has recently joined our organization. Her boss told her on her first day that she could have lunch with me everyday. So we did! I took her to the cafeteria and had lunch together for the first time. That was the same day when I first felt this toothache. Ouch!

I was complaining that it’s very hot to walk outside and she said that it could make me more sick!

The next day, I’m nowhere to be found. I didn’t come to work because of my toothache. The following day, she passed by our office and saw me there. After a while, she came again with a piece of Toblerone bar. She must’ve forgotten that I’m suffering from a toothache huh! But, I really appreciated her gesture! I took it home and kept in the fridge.

Just few minutes ago, she called me from their office (next to our building) to tell me that she brought something for lunch, that we would have lunch together and I don’t have to walk under the heat!

Sweeeeeeet! Isn’t she?

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