Speaking of my Year End Priority List, well, I am getting there. I have accomplished 2 out of 10, as of yesterday. At least! Haha!

  1. Christmas shopping > I’m almost done with it. Bought 12 gifts for my Godchildren (all in all I have 18). These 12 are just around me so… There are 2 more lined up for next year haha! Anyway, they are not costly but I as I’ve said, I made sure that I will see a smile on their faces as they open ’em. I hope!
  2. Hair rebond > A treat for myself. I brought my mom with me and tagged my daughter along with us (well, there’s no one else to look after her, we had no choice!). Mom had her hair dyed + a hot oil treatment. Then, I asked the hair dresser to trim Derelle’s hair as well.

Warning: There’s not much difference from how I looked before the “rebond” day. Hahaha! I’ve been wanting to have a haircut, (above the shoulder) but just by thinking the amount that I’ve already spent for my hair maintenance stops me from doing so.

Anyway, here’s the “after” look hahaha! Please click here. Only if you want to see. šŸ˜‰

Mitch Carvalho

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