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A Visit to a Dermatologist

I went to see my OB yesterday afternoon to consult the rashes that I have been getting but instead she referred me to a Dermatologist to make sure that the cure given to me are appropriate. Although the pattern of rashes that I told her was the same as PUPPP, she was hesitant coz PUPPP usually occurs during the first pregnancy and last and final trimester.

So I went to the Dermatologist she recommended and shown the rashes all over my body. Diagnosis?  PUPPPP or Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy. However, my case is very rare as it developed as early as 12 weeks and on 2nd pregnancy. I was prescribed some tabs (tavegyl) and given special lotion, soap and cream to apply/use on the entire affected areas.

Believe me, these rashes are so annoying and itchy! Wish it would be over soon. Yeah, wish ‘coz according to the studies, these rashes disappear after giving birth only. Aaaargh! I still have a long way to go….

Oh well, I’d better keep my mind off these rashes and divert it to something else like and sourcing on the best weight loss pills? That’s one of the good thing that the Dermatologist assure me that I can still eat anything I want, meaning no don’ts and restrictions.

I’m scheduled for another visit to the Derma on August 10, and with my OB this afternoon. *sigh*

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