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Act Your Age!!!

I don’t know but for some women it could be the hormones or menopausal stage that make them act the abnormal way. I’m not sure what runs in my colleague’s mind who happens to be on her early 50’s. She’s really annoying! Working in the top administration could be one of her passes to deliberately interfere with other’s personal life!!! Hmp!

We used to be in good terms. When she was just new. But I had my own circle of friends that she befriended with in the long run. But no one stayed with her because of her attitude. Until we realized one day that we had completely stopped talking to each other except job issues.

And the relationship had worsen. She even made up stories years ago that involved my wedding. Well, that’s another story, maybe bcoz she wasn’t invited, LOL!

What makes me more upset is whenever she meddles to some company rules even if it’s not her concern! We have a Cafeteria exclusive for the staff, but during summer, you won’t have the courage to go out and eat there. She was lucky that she still gets the benefit to eat in the Resort’s Coffee Shop when for some everything was stopped and that includes me. For whatever reason, I really don’t know. Since I had been sick lately, I asked our utility boy to bring me a lunch pack from the staff cafeteria. That was actually the first and last that I did that. I was aware that it’s beyond the implemented rule that no one should do take-aways. But since I’ve been seeing people do that, so I said why not, anyway, it’s reasonable bcoz of the summer heat.

The next day, I asked the utility boy again and he said it’s no longer allowed. I said yeah they had said that 3 years ago but people are still doing it, so what’s the problem. Then, he had taken out that lady’s name in the middle. That she had seen him carrying bags with take out boxes and asked who did they belong to? That was it! I knew it! It was a personal grudge that she might be holding against me or she had nothing to do that day!

I called the Personnel with anger! Spoke with the new HR Manager and told her what happened. She said that since she’s new, she was not aware of the rules before and that she was even taking away food from there. Take note of this : two of the departments were excused for “busy” reasons. Meaning they can enjoy the food brought to them and eat in the office. In fairness to the other department, I completely understand bcoz I’m aware that there is no enough staff at the moment. But the other one? I’d better shut my mouth up! So, anyway, I told the HR that if rules are made, they should implement it fairly and applicable to everyone, without exemption! I have made some suggestions but nothing happened due to some reasons, again! With that issue, I never even have my fingers crossed bcoz I know there will be no solution, unless you bring your own lunch at your expense or you suffer from the summer heat and fall sick!

Another situation made me really upset just the other day! I’m the last one to be picked up by our company bus every morning. So meaning, if the bus is full, I won’t have any seat. That day the only seats available were the extra folded ones in the aisle plus the one beside her. I decided to sit beside her which I always do to annoy her heehee! But that morning, she had once again kept her bag on the seat as if it was her property! Knowing that I was coming, she didn’t even have the initiative to move. It was by the window. So I had to go in and sit, and that was also impossible to do bcoz her bag that looks like a bayong (market bag-it’s really huge believe me!) was there. I stood there while the bus was almost moving and yet she still did nothing. I had to tap her lap so hard and call out her name and said excuse me with a sarcastic tone!!!!! Gosh! This woman really irritates me! Believe me, if she does it again, she will definitely hear from me! And I will make sure that I’d say it in English so that everyone in the bus would understand what I am noising about.

Yesterday, I had to talk to her over the phone for some job issues. I called her and spoke in Tagalog first. But she answered in English. Okay! Well, then let’s speak in English straight! When I did, she spoke in Tagalog. Was she playing a game? Does she even know that when a person speaks to you in English, an English answer should be given?

Well, I guess it’s about time that someone tells her to please “act her age!”. One day, she will get it from me! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.


  • daisy

    ano ba yannn!!! 50 years old na? hay naku,ang mundo talaga! nope ang tao talaga.

    me stalker ka na, meron pang nang-iirita sa work. super sikat! 🙂


  • Mitchteryosa

    More than sister, nung nagjoin sya 50 sya eh, that was nearly 5 years now.

    Sana nga kung sikat di ba? Hehehe! Pero kung panirang-araw-sikat sort of thing, thanks but no thanks!


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