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Advantages of Staying in Holiday Homes over Hotels

When you are planning a vacation to Europe with your friends or even family one of the major headaches you are likely to have is accommodation. Many people think of staying in hotels as a first option and for those on a budget a hostel. It is not popular for the average traveler but one great option that you can try is a holiday home. Holiday homes Europe are countries like France, Spain, Greece, turkey and Britain. They are furnished houses that are rented to tourists who do not want to stay in hotels for one reason or the other. There are many types of holiday homes they include condominium, cottage and town home. In Europe holiday homes range from budget apartments to expensive and lavish villas to be found in some of the best locations in the world. Some apartments and condominiums offer services like housekeeping, front desk and concierge service. 

THE ADVANTAGES OF STAYING IN HOLIDAY HOMES OVER STAYING IN HOTELS. When staying in a holiday home one gets the feeling of being at home because they provide comfort and privacy and unlike hotels they have a personal kitchen, gardens, private pools bathrooms and even several bedrooms which makes them even more suitable for families. Compared to the hotels, holiday homes are more spacious and are cheaper for example because they come with fully equipped kitchens you can prepare your own meals and save money that you would have used in restaurants, also because some have several bedrooms you can share with your friends and share the cost.

Staying in a holiday home as opposed to a hotel helps you to better appreciate and understand the surroundings of the country that you are visiting. Hotels and other similar types of accommodations are mostly situated in cities, built up areas and main roads. Bed and breakfast may offer services that are friendlier but they have set eating times and night curfews thus taking away your freedom. On the other hand when you rent a holiday homes you are given a key to your house and therefore you can leave and comeback as you please.

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