Ahuhuhuhu! My Cellphone!

Deye, did you touch Mama’s cellphone?” I asked her… She replied quickly, “opo“. “Where did you keep the cover here?“, I again asked her.  *pointing to the spot where she removed the keypad*. Guess what this little curious one said….

I tyow it!

Well, actually I found those missing pads on the floor before I even asked her, just wanted to know what she’s gonna say.

Then I told her, “What about Mama’s phone now, it’s wawa?” She said “Soyi, mama“.

End of discussion.

Well, what else could I say???

Mitch Carvalho

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  1. Hopefully she didn’t call anyone. Years ago when my daughter was little and I had a friend with young children, I would get calls very early in the morning and I’d hear a bang like the phone was dropped and sometimes I’d hear toddler speak in the background. This was before cell phones or we didn’t have one yet but my friend had me on speed dial with the land phone. Her toddler would push a button at random and get me on speed dial when her mom’s back was turned and invariably I would get these weird calls. We didn’t have caller ID yet so it took us a while to figure out what was happening.

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  2. Hi Carver! She did it twice when we were still in Bahrain. There, text is not much used so I kept people on speed dial and unfortunately the no. that she pressed was my dad’s no, an overseas call. Poor me! All my credit went and I had to refill it one more time.

    Lesson : Always lock the keypad. Now I’ve got the auto lock activated in my cellphone. Heehee!


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