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Airport scene

On the way to Manila, the girls spent quality time with their Dada just cuddling and playing with the iPad.

At exactly 3:30pm yesterday, my husband checked his baggage in at the airport. He only needed an hour before the boarding time as I have already checked him in earlier online. It’s time for him to work harder again to support our needs and give the best that one responsible father should. He may have shortcomings in between but I am proud to say that he is such a good provider and the best father. If only he could give us the best of everything even the best and quality porcelain switch plates for my dream house, he would.  The hardest part was the bye bye scene. The hugs and the kisses that are priceless.

What made my heart heavier was when bunso shouted “Dadaaaaaaaaaa sama ti Ishi” as he walks away. That made me cried. Later after that on our way back to Subic, as usual Deye was quiet. Again, she was crying quietly as if she didn’t want anyone to know that she did. How did I know? Her head was laid down on my lap and I could feel her tears….

At 7:30 this morning, I already received a call that he landed safely. Today, at half past 3pm, we had our usual video chat/call. The girls were happy to see him again but this time only via Skype.

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  • paula

    For me the feeling that you get when you see the goodbye scenes are old topped by the feeling of relief that you get when you get that call that tells you that the loved one has landed and all is well!


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