Being an all-in-one nanay is hard and challenging, but definitely exciting. Mine is even a nanay and tatay rolled in one. The husband works abroad so that makes it more harder. But you know what, the excitement gets more stronger once you have also been promoted to being an Aunt. My brother also works abroad, so I somehow feel that it’s also my responsibility to fill in some space in his absence.

Year 2016, this was when my brother’s first born, Tutuy, was finally revealed to be a boy. The longing to have a son was set aside, ‘coz we already had him in August the following year. Yes, he’s the same boy that I call my favorite boy.

Even now that I have my own, his sweet gestures still make me kilig. This is why I still find time to bond with him and also be an all-in-one nanay to him whenever. In fact he calls me Mama Mitch, and with that I claimed to be their second all-in-one nanay. Thus, we bond like how I do with my own children.

Whenever there’s a chance, we play outside, sing together, eat together and I even cook for him his favorite food including snacks. When I say snacks, that’s a complete package with his favorite drink, Dutch Mill, Blueberry flavor to be specific.

Yesterday, we got to play outside after a quick snack inside the house, and brought a pack of Dutch Mill along with him to complete the fun!

Wag magpahuli! Add them to your shopping cart now! There are other flavors your kids can enjoy on top of their favorite! Use my Shopee code MONDDYMOM to get 20% discount for every P100 purchase and below. Let’s not forget to give them an all-in-one sustansiya that they can benefit from all the time.

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