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Am I Too Busy Or Just Lazy?

Reading Rhodora’s post “Unfinished Symbol of Unfinished Tasks reminded me of my long over due cross stitch. Hahaha!

Take a look….

Correction! It’s not my long over due cross stitch. Errrr! My mom made it before I got married, and that was in year 2003. I got married in 2004. But we were not sure of the date so then she asked me to finish the names and date.

We are now on our 3rd year and it’s still unfinished bwehehehe!

Rhodora made me laugh when she said “baka naman abutin ng 25 years niyo yan” hahaha! Malamang! Nyahahaha!

But would you believe that I was the one who introduced this hobby to my mom? Now, I’m over it so….

Oh well! Am I too busy to finish it? Or just lazy to do it? My mouth is zipped! Hahaha!

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  • chateau

    I probably have 2 or 3 cross-stitch projects which never saw completion! Ako aaminin ko I’m a good starter but a bad finisher. Lazy ako sa mga ganyan haha


  • SexyMom

    at least with you names lang. i have one unfinished project. remember the 5 angels? i thought they would represent my 5 kids, i was on my 3rd angel when i got pregnant with my 6th kid, then 7th. it became then impossible for me to finish it. i didn’t have motivation anymore.


  • Princess of CJ

    i’ve started almost 5 cross-stitch patterns and didn’t finish any. my reason is i lack patience.

    my friend btw, made two of that same pattern with yours. sipag nya d b? 🙂


  • Leah

    Its all about time management and if we really do want to spend that time finishing tasks we are not that excited to do anymore. Maybe that’s your case.

    I too have a lot of unfinished projects ( cross-stich one included).

    Hopefully, you’ll manage to finish this one before the 25th anniv. lol


  • Mitchteryosa

    I’m good at this actually kaso napagsawaan ko na siguro kaya natatamad na ako.

    I used to make lots and stay up until 4am para mag-cross stitch, pero noon yun hehe!


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Rhodora : Nyahahaha! Napapatawa talaga ako sa mga banat mo haha!

    Malamang ulit haha!

    @ Chateau : Siguro curios ka kasi if you can do it. Or baka talagang di mo hilig.

    @ Mommy Dine : Naasar nga po ang mother ko nung makita nya dito na di pa din tapos hahaha! Once kasi nalipasan na ng panahon plus the fact na wala ka ng masyadong time gawin yun, mawawalan ka na talaga ng gana, saka pati yun nga di na sila 5 hehe!

    @ Auee : I had an attempt of doing “The Last Supper”, decided na ako but when I saw the numbers of colors nung bibili na ako ng sinulid, wag na hehe! Mabusisi!

    @ Khristine : Wish me luck nga!

    @ Leah : Malamang nga maka25 yrs na kami bago tuluyang maisabit yan sa wall. :p


  • Shoshana

    I have tons of crochet, knitting projects, but only one cross stitch project. It’s a rose vase. I have finished two roses and a vase, and I started it when I had only two children. NOw I have five, and finished another petal of the third flower. I don’t think there’s any hope for that project. LOL


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