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An Email From Nestle

I remember signing up my daughter’s name with Nestle Club, and from time to time I receive updates and announcements, whenever there are… And today I got this while I was browsing for retail resumes:

It reads:


Dear Derelle Francella Xxxxxxxx,

There have been radio and TV reports that mentioned some Nestle products being pulled out for melamine testing. The products mentioned are CARNATION Calcium Plus Non-Fat, NESTLÉ Choco-Flavored Ice Cream Cone, NESTLÉ Vanilla-Flavored Ice Cream Cone, NESTLÉ Dairy Farm Pure Milk, and KLIM Instant Full Cream Milk.

Please note that the above-mentioned products are not sold by Nestlé Philippines in the country. Attached is our media statement which we released to radio and TV stations.

We would appreciate if you will share this information with your friends and relatives and assure them that Nestlé products manufactured, imported, distributed and marketed by Nestlé Philippines are safe for consumption.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our consumer hotline at (02) 898-0061.


Au Alipao
Nestlé Consumer Services
Nestlé Philippines, Inc.

You may view the attachment here.

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