Online gambling, including bingo, is legal in the Philippines, although the environment can be complicated sometimes. Like in the US, national agencies in the Philippines, such as the Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation, Pagcor, tasked with overseeing online gambling in the country, has its rules. However, all types of gambling in the Philippines are well regulated. 

The Current Situation 

Currently, there’s a licensing system in place to ensure only legit online casinos open their shops in the Asian country. Consumers can therefore play bingo easily and legally, without worrying about losing their hard-earned money. Even though the rules may press hard on casinos willing to introduce bingo in their packages, it’s easier for the consumers to enjoy the game. There are a number of sites where you can enjoy your favorite games online, but if you want to play some bingo games and you are looking for the best bingo sites in the Philippines, you can find them in

Pagcor’s Public Warning Over Illegal Gambling

With the increasing use of technology, individuals have found ways of making some extra income online. Some have started teaching classes online, some have been giving cooking lessons, while others have been more focused on scamming internet users. On that note, with online gambling evolving, a few ill-minded individuals in the gambling sector want to reap what they never sow. For the better part of 2020, a few online gambling sites were luring and conning unsuspecting consumers. This triggered a public outcry, forcing the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) to issue a public warning against these individuals and companies that had started illegal Bingo games on Facebook.

In their statement, dated July 2020, Pagcor asked the public not to fall victim to such schemes as they would be prone to identity theft as well as credit card fraud. The regulation body also mentioned that betting on such sites was illegal, and consumers transacting with these illegitimate sites would face the law. 

According to Pagcor, it’s illegal for an unlicensed person or organization to directly or indirectly participate in unauthorized gambling activities, especially internet, online, or remote gambling. The regulator further stated that they are committed to prosecuting persons involved in illegal online business because of its strong link to other crimes such as money laundering, credit card fraud, and identity theft, among other crimes. 

What POGOs’ Role in This?

The Philippine government had banned its citizens from playing online games such as bingo, even though the country is one of the world’s wealthiest countries from the proceeds of internet casino operations. Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators, also known as POGOs, an umbrella of several online gambling organizations, is a massive tax generator to the Philippine economy. Many gamblers turned to online gambling after the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the closing of casino shops. Some of them went virtual under POGO. 

Nearly all forms of gambling are banned in China, and that’s where POGOs come in. There are sixty entities under POGO, all licensed by PAGCOR to conduct online gambling, including bingo, targeting their Chinese clientele. Some publications state that POGO is President Rodrigo Duterte’s money magnet. Judging by the politics, there’s so much uncertainty about whether playing bingo in the Philippines is legal or illegal. Well, according to PAGCOR, it’s legal as long as the online gambling site is licensed to operate and Filipino consumers gamble on legitimate sites. 

How to Win in Bingo

Bingo uses a different approach to gambling. It’s won by filling bingo cards. The first participant to fill a card in a particular way takes the money. You can continue the game even after the first winner to allow another person to win, depending on the organization of the game. The rules may be different, including how to play the game and also to fill the card.

The classic version of bingo works entirely differently. The player must fill a row of a column to win, while in other versions, the player can fill the entire card. Yet, there’s another version where to be a winner, you have to find s single correct value and another where a player may be required to fill a predetermined pattern in the card. 

The Basic Strategy of Playing the Game

Bingo is a game where you win by luck, and you know how hard it is to get lucky. In bingo, the player cannot influence the outcome of the game. The winner can be just anyone and a different person in the next round. The player cannot predict the likelihood to emerge numbers, make mathematical models, count cards, or do anything sinister to win. There’s no talent here or being gifted with bingo.

All patterns are coincidental, and there’s no underlying logic here, just the rules and players doing their thing with their hopes high. The cards are random and impossible to alter. The only thing a player can do to increase their odds and have a slightly upper hand is to buy more bingo cards. 

What are the Rules?

Playing bingo is simple. It’s played by drawing cards that have values and then drawing other random values using balls, cards, or lottery. Each time a value is drawn, participants who have the same in their card mark it. The first to fill the card amongst them wins. 

Bingo dates hundreds of years, and therefore, you can find a variety of bingo types with different or contradicting rules. One is the U Pick’EM Bingo, where players get to choose the numbers, they are targeting. There’s also the Quick Shot Bingo, where bingo cards are like lottery tickets, and the numbers are pre-drawn. Bonanza Bingo is also another form of bingo. All these are popular in the Philippines. 

Bingo’s Popularity in the Philippines

Bingo is the most popular form of gambling in the Philippines. It was popular even before casinos emerged in the country. There are several bingo shops around the country, and some online and televised outlets are available. 

However, several alternatives include sports betting, poker clubs, and the booming casino industry. There are some restrictions to gambling in the Philippines, but it remains a popular activity.

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