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Anne Raquel’s Resort

Last March, my colleague son’s birthday was celebrated in Anne Raquel’s Resort, Olongapo. It’s one of the oldest resorts that I know of within Olongapo, my hometown.

Anne Raquel's Resort
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The birthday celebration turned out to be an almost Family Day of GPP Family, the Company I am currently employed. Of course, I brought the girls and my mom along with me.

Deye and Ishi
My girls in their summer jump shorts
Children's Pool
Children's Pool

That’s my daughter’s enjoying her time with my colleague’s daughter, Chersy.

Bigger Children's Pool
Bigger Children's Pool
Adult's Pool
Adult's Pool

With my female work colleagues, Kaye, Lerva and Sharon. Oh! And that’s my wandering chubby feet soaking in the pool water!

Hanging Bridge
Hanging Bridge

That’s going to the other side of the Resort passing through the hanging bridge. I almost did not go with them ‘coz I was so scared but didn’t want to miss the fun, and of course the clicking of snaps! If you have noticed, the other hanging bridge from the other end is not completed. There was an ongoing renovation at the time we were there.

Scenic views

My bunso, Ishi, loved this place of all. We let her wander around the area. She was just learning to walk at that time.


There’s also this place built and perfected for weddings! And a Chapel named Chapel of the Ascension. Below is the Chapel when lit at night.

The Chapel of Ascension
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One thing that caught my attention was these hanging bedsheets! Yes, they do the traditional way of drying.

Drying of bedsheets

Yes, the Resort has rooms for overnight stays.

Sign boards

My mom and I goofing around the sign boards haha!

Anne Raquel’s Resort
Miguel L. Santos Village,
National Highway, New Cabalan,
Olongapo City, Philippines

+63 (47) 224-2281
+63 (47) 224-2282

+63 (2) 929-1269
+63 (2) 922-6480


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