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Another Busy Day

I had a long day today. Finished working *online* at around 5am, went to sleep after half an hour and got up at 7am to do some errands. I thought I could sleep longer at least until 9am, but my daughter woke up before me so I had no choice but to get up from bed. At 8:30, I was already out of the house. Went looking for Progress Gold 3, hoping that they might have it stored today. Well! I ended up with Promil 3 again! Bought another pack of diapers and goodies for my daughter. Before I left home, she asked for “chakit dus” which she meant “chocolate juice”. Yup, she calls choco drink chakit dus. LOL! When I asked her how many, she immediately said “1, 2!” Hahaha! Since I was already in the grocery, I also bought some other things that we needed at home. I bought a kilo of ripe mangoes, thinking that maybe today I’ll be able to try and make MM’s Yummy Mango Ice Cream, but unfortunately, I did not. I suddenly felt lazy hahaha! We just then decided to eat the mangoes the traditional way. I went home around 12noon. Huwaaaaat?!! I didn’t realize I was out for like 3 hours.

Anyway, I just put the things I’ve purchased down in our house and went straight to my tita’s house to give the money that she’d need for tomorrow. It’s my grandmother’s 4th death anniversary tomorrow and I thought of calling people pray at home and have some lunch with us. I guess, it would be another busy day for me tomorrow.

By the way, I had a long afternoon nap today from 2 till 6pm hehehehe! Well, I need it! I really needed it!

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