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Another Homework Issue

I know I’ve already talked about it here, that I let her do whatever she’s only able to do but there are times that I need to take disciplinary actions as well towards her behavior.

I asked her to finish a pending homework the other day. I knew she’d make a fuss coz she had to write sets of letters. She finished 3 sets of letter Ii, then after that comes the drama scene. She wouldn’t continue. So I asked her to take a break and continue after sometime. But she never did instead threw tantrums which I couldn’t take anymore. I know she’s trying my patience but at that moment I’m already not in the mood to talk to her diplomatically. I, then commanded her to sit in the corner of the house facing the wall. She cried and cried and cried. After few minutes I asked her to get up, she calmed down. That’s the time when I talked to her. Explained her. Same scenario, she said “opo, opo”. Kept her notes and pencil in the bag. I had no plans to let her finish the homework anymore.

Few minutes later, she came to me and said “Mama, study na po ako”.

End of discussion. She was able to finish a page of letter Ii’s quietly without fuss. I know and am aware that she’s young to take all this homework pressures but then if I let her do “her” thing only whenever she wants it, I’m afraid she’d get used to it. That I don’t want to happen.

Hay! It really isn’t easy to raise a schooling child huh?

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