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Another OFW In The Family

I would have been finished with my colon cleanse reviews by now if I hadn’t been so busy the past couple of days. I had to accompany my brother to Manila two days ago and get his passport renewed. He’s luckily chosen to work with DHL and will be joining my husband soon!

I could say passport processing is now a lot easier and faster than before. It took him 2 hours to finish. Just two hours. I remember the first time I had my passport applied, it took me forever to get it done. It would have been more faster if we were able to get the online appointment on time. It will be released on the 16th and we will just have it delivered here at home to avoid hassles going to Manila. My brother isn’t used to going to Manila and he refuses to go alone. I actually challenged him to claim the passport when it’s done, but he has to go all by himself. As expected he refused to.

Now let’s see once he’s off to leave for Bahrain. I wonder how he’s going to handle the situation. It’ll be his first time to be away from home and worst, Christmas is nearing. He’d surely feel what I had felt before.

Oh well, another OFW in the making. In due time, he’ll feel better.

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