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Another reunion perhaps

I don’t remember now how long I’ve been into blogging as I never celebrated my blogging anniversary since the day I started. What I can only remember is that it all started with my pregnancy journal when I was pregnant with my eldest, Derelle. I didn’t have the intention to spending my time to it and eventually earn from it. In fact I started with a Free Blog. It so happened that I wanted some pregnancy tips and thoughts about being a mother that I chanced upon a Filipino owned Mom’s network and that’s how it all started. I’ve met a lot of them who eventually became my good friends not just online but offline too. I’ve met some of them already and it feels so nice how technology connects people these days.

Two years ago, this blog reunited my father and his friend and that’s how they met again after decades. Actually, he had visited us when he returned from the US for a short vacation. Guess what? Another friend of my dad who happened to be my “ninong” left a message in one of my old posts in this blog yesterday. I asked my dad a while ago if he knew someone by the name of Rod San Diego and of course he identified him quickly and what got me excited is the fact that he is my ninong whom I haven’t met since then.

Is this another reunion perhaps?

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