Do you often drive past other people’s houses and feel envious when you see their pristine lawns or blooming beds? If you don’t have a show-stopping garden, there are things you can do to transform your outdoor space. You don’t have to have years of experience to design a stunning garden. Anyone can be green-fingered with these simple tips.

Lawn care and maintenance Nothing makes your backyard look healthier and more vibrant than a bright green lawn. If your turf is looking a little tired, don’t write it off just yet. Remember to water the lawn on a regular basis, and take care when you’re mowing the grass. If you cut the lawn too short, you may end up creating worn patches, and this may result in limited regrowth. Keep the grass short, but don’t overdo it with the mowing. Wait for a dry day to mow and use a fluid motion. Move up and down the garden, taking care to cover every corner without going over the same areas twice. If you have patches that have seen better days, consider buying some strips of turf and relaying areas that require some TLC.

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Planting and growing tips If you want to add some foliage or make your flower beds come alive, you need to get to grips with some planting basics. Before you begin, have a think about what you want to grow. If you’re keen on color and you want beds packed with flowers, have a look in some gardening guides and read some blogs to get ideas of the kinds of plants you want to buy. If you plan to sow seeds or plant bulbs, rather than buy more mature plants, you’ll need to work out when and where to plant each different type. Read the instructions on the packet, which will tell you how deep to dig and how much space to leave between bulbs. Once you’ve planted, make sure you water your plants on a regular basis.

If you want to grow vegetables, you’ll need to make sure that your garden offers the best conditions. If you don’t have enough beds with access to direct sunlight, for example, consider buying a greenhouse. This will enable you to grow a wider variety of vegetables, and you won’t have to worry about the winter chill affecting your harvest. Use a greenhouse thermostat to keep an eye on the temperature. If you’re planting outside, try and choose sunny spots, and make sure you have the right soil. You may need to add compost to add nutrients, and you’ll need to water your patch on a regular basis.

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If your garden isn’t worthy of a glossy magazine feature, don’t worry! Just because it doesn’t look the part now, you don’t have to give up on the garden of your dreams. If you’re keen to produce a vibrant space bursting with plants, flowers, and vegetables, it is possible for anyone to learn to be a green-fingered maestro. Read some books, flick through some magazines, and follow the instructions carefully. Get some ideas about colors, themes, and designs, and start planning your gorgeous new garden now!


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