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Are School Field Trips Compulsory???

From my own understanding, school field trips are NOT compulsory. I think, and I believe we have the right to decide whether we allow our children to join a field trip or NOT. But if you are asked for something in return, then that makes it compulsory or should I say looks like we are obliged to go otherwise “may project na gagawin kasi hindi sumama sa field trip”. Let me make it clear, I am talking about preschoolers here.

Few weeks ago, a letter from Deye’s school was circulated to parents talking about this year’s field trip. At the bottom of the letter, you’ll find a slip where a choice is mentioned “I allow my child….. etc etc…” As much as we wanted to take part, we could not”. WE, because obviously, any parent would not allow a 4 y/o to go on a field trip unaccompanied. I just gave birth that time, and even though I have my mom around to accompany Deye to the said trip, I also needed someone to assist me. In short, we didn’t take part.

Just few days before the scheduled field trip, I was told that projects are given to those who are not taking part. First thing that came to my mind “So what now? Are they trying to say field trips are compulsory?” I think so. Kasi kung hindi, bakit may project ang mga hindi sasama? Duh! To end the discussion, we just went with the flow and submitted whatever was asked from us on time.

Take note of this, each student (at least in my daughter’s class – 16 children) was asked to provide 5 COLORED pictures each of animals (pet, zoo, wild and water) to be pasted on an A4 size of paper. At first I thought, 5 animals altogether on a paper. I was confused so I texted her teacher and clarified the instructions. I was wrong pala. One picture pala sa isang A4 paper. Colored. That makes a total of 20 animals.

Don’t you think it’s too much for a nursery to submit such? Mainly because we did not take part in the school’s field trip?Oh! Let me also add, that the teacher asked for an excuse letter from me the other day because Deye skipped classes for 2 days. I understand, as per the teacher it’s in the manual. But cmon, for the past months that she had skipped classes, we were not asked for anything. Kung kelan March na saka naisipang manghingi ng excuse letter! And hello, she’s only a nursery student! Maglakwatsa man ang anak ko, naturalmente kasama ako! Duh!

We’re done! I have visited another school the other day and made an inquiry.

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  • arlene

    hmm sounds like you are pissed off, sis!

    but here at my end, most school are into that kind of situation. there are compulsory activities and if outside the campus, those who can’t go or attend, they either have homeworks, projects, or they have the exams later. Graded kc sis ang mga activities na yan.

    for the excuse letter, never been in that situation yet kc if sick or lakwatcha, we informed the teacher lang that the daughter is absent and whatever is missed discretion na yon sa anak ko kung paano nya habulin yong na miss nya sa class na yon.

    Hmmm mag K2 na si Deye! 🙂

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  • Mitch

    I really am sis. As Ive’ said, for higher levels I understand. Pero sa nursery students, di ko mawari kung bakit ganun.

    Excuse letters I believe are for high school students na marunong ng maglakwatsa pero again sa isang nursery student, duh!

    K1 pa lang sis hehe!


  • wena

    naku sis, ganyan din sa school ni thea, sabi may evaluation daw after ng field trip kaya required sumama lahat. to think, public day care center lang sya. malamang halos lahat ng pre-school ganyan ang style.

    ganito naman nangyari sa amin. i confirmed with the teacher na hindi kami sasama. pero nung dumating si Rommel at sya ang naghatid sa school, aba, pinilit ni teacher, at nagbayad naman agad itong asawa ko…kaya nakasama si thea, tita nya ang kasama nya.

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  • andrea

    hi mitch,

    natawa ako sa post mu na eto. but seriously, i dont think na kelangan compulsary ang field trips and i dont think kelangan may project pag hindi ka sasama (to think that pre-schooler pa lang si Deye).

    well, perhaps, yang project na sinubmit eh gagamitin lang ng teacher for next year.

    something must be done with these policies.

    🙂 Andrea

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  • Nhel

    Hi sis, im having same dillema as yours, actually theyr told me its not compulsory BUT it was 5% of Activity and part of the 40% Participation, contradicting db?Ganun na pala ngayon sa kinder? Ehehe. Actually i asked them how can i get the percentage if ever my daugther wasn’t able to come, i haven’t got an answer yet. My Hubby says, “Hayaan mo na ngang school na yan, susmio prep pa lang yung anak natin, pra naman intindihin pa ung mga grade. Mahalaga, may natutunan sa pagpasok. Sa paglaki na nya siya maghusay.” He has a point though nagdadalawang isip pa din ako kung pasasamahin ko o hinde. Actually, tama ka sa isang banda, alangan nmang hayaan n lng ang 4 y/o sumama mag-isa sa field trip db? So, the catch is, dalawa pa ang babayaran mo pag pinasama ang bata, iyo at sa child mo. Ehehe. gastos!


  • boysailor

    Field Trips are not compulsary either in Public or Private schools. The references concerning about school field trips are stated in DepEd Order No. 52, s. 2003, which is supplemental to DECS Order No. 56, s. 2001 and DepEd Order No. 51, s. 2002. DepEd Order No. 56, s. 2003, was reiterated in DepEd Order No. 87, s. 2003. You can download the PDF documents from Google for your reference. 🙂


  • joanne villareal

    We’re having same problem in which na ang school eh nagrerequire ng school project (educational toys WORTH P400) dahil hindi makakasama. Ngayon, bayad na sa miscellaneous fees ang P1000 kami na lugi dahil hindi namin napasama ang bata, ngayon kami pa ang mag”dodonate” ng educational toys?? mga eskwelahan these days. kakaiba. tsk tsk tsk. Nireklamo namin sa Deped, aaksyunan namin ito. hindi pwede yung ganun action.


  • slyn

    sa school naman po ng anak ko na grade3 pag hinde sasama sa fieldtrip magbabayad parin ng half sa amount na required nila tama ba un? kaya po ako mag rerekclamo kaya nga po di makasama kasi out of budget pababayarin pa 1700 for each students for parents 1600. Hinde nman po lahat ng nag aaral sa private ay can afford ang importante maturoan ng husto ang mga bata sa panahon ngaun mahirap ng gumala sa malayo baguio para mag fieldtrip mron namang mga historic place na malalapit lang bkit pa kylangan pumonta sa malayo.


  • madzy

    Hello po mga mommies. I have twins and both are in K1 now. They have a scheduled field trip this month and is at 1400/head (so twin1 + twin2 + adult 1 + adult 2 = 5,600) i told the coordinators before hand na hindi tlga kami sasama since mabigat tlga sa budget yun. di pa kasama food expense. Then they kept reminding us to pay 1,400 (tawad na daw isa) pa dn kahit di sasama. Stupidity at its best…


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