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Last week, boss asked me to do a research of some framed artworks that we could use for the new cafe that we are going to open soon. Though we have hired our own artist, he still prefers to get artworks done by some well-known artists to display in his restaurants.

I started researching the next day and landed on one site. They have got a list of canadian masters and canadian artists who have already contributed some of their contemporary and appealing artworks.

I have browsed their art galleries and found one appropriate for the cafe and that was the  2 ver valent une bouteille 36″ x 12″ done by Gerard Dansereau. Perfect for the bar area! I noticed that the date of completion for this artwork was very recent, 10/31/2007. I, then continued browsing and found several new works done by different artists, see the list below:

I really wish that I possess the same talent. I can only do so much now > wish. By the way, this is just one of my personal choices, an oil painting named Old barn 12″ x 15″ done by A.J. Casson. Just like the others, I am also fascinated with paintings (but never bought and collected) especially when it’s simply done. I don’t like too much complicated designs.  I love simple ones like the one I have chosen.










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  • mk

    isa lang masasabi ko, bow ako sa mga artists! that is somethin na nde kaya ng powers ko. great links sis, asteeeeg! =)

    Ako din bilib sa mga artists lalo na yung mga freehand drawings, kagaling eh!


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