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At 13 Weeks

I went to see my dermatologist in the morning for a follow up check up. I bought more bottles of lotion and a skin moisturizer to be applied every hour. At the same time, I’ve consulted her the boil that developed on my right thigh. Gosh! It hurts so badly!!! I can’t even walk properly. Doctor says its due to skin irritation as I had been scratching everywhere, what can I do I can’t help it. So to avoid more complication, she prescribed an antibiotic (Augmentin) and goodness, one tab costs me Php73. And I have to take them 3x a day for a week. Right now, I really don’t mind how much it will cost me for as long as I won’t have any more infection. At this very moment, I feel feverish!

Downside: These rashes will only be over and disappear after I give birth. Darn! That’s 6 months from now. The only thing we could do is continue with the medication. *sigh*

For safety reasons, I asked my OB when I had my prenatal monthly check up this afternoon if these medicines won’t harm my baby. And she said no worries as these medicines are safe for pregnancy.

Oh! By the way, I heard my baby #2’s heartbeat! It was really loud and fast. And guess what, not sure though if it was my imagination or I really felt a thump at that moment. Too early I know but maybe my baby was trying to tell me “I’m okay, Mama”.

Weight : 120 lbs
Next skin check up : August 24
Next prenatal check up : September 7

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