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At 14 weeks

I know it looks so unpleasant but then again I wanted to share what I am going through at this time and to make other pregnant women aware of the signs and symptoms they might be unknowingly experiencing now. These are the marks that PUPPP has left in my tummy, they’re no more red, it’s almost healing with the help of betamathasone lotion and medicines I am currently using/taking. Too bad it doesn’t stop here. More are appearing especially on my thighs, back and breasts. Half of my back looks like I have a big birth mark.

Aaaarrrgggh! Six months is too long to get this PUPPP over, but I’m sure when the big day comes, everything will fade including the scars that these rashes had given me.

Oh by the way, I had to blur the photo and turned it into black and white ‘coz I don’t want you to pity my tummy when you see some of the rashes still fresh. What I have captured is just 1/8 of what I have. And take note these are very itchy, annoyingly itchy!  Anyway, gotta log out from this blog for now, I need to check on life insurance leads online.

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