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Ate Deye strikes again!


Deye : Mama, collection na ba bukas?

Me : Election, hindi collection.

Sabagay, synonymous na din yun sa “corruption” LOL!


At around 4 pm yesterday, Deye asked for rice. Gave her a small serving and told her,

Me : Ako din nga kakain, nainggit ako sayo.

Deye : Bakit Mama, you didn’t have lunch ba?

Me : Naglunch.

Deye : Eh bakit ka pala kakain na naman?


Just now she told me,

Deye : Mama, pag small na small na sayo itong shirt mo, akin na lang ha? *referring to the pink tank top I am wearing right now*

Me : Bakit?

Deye : Eh kasi type na type ko yan, pink eh.

Me : Oh ok. *Hmmmm…. kinakabahan ako ah mukhang few years from now my things will start to disappear*


30 minutes ago, mom and dad came from voting,

Deye : *screaming* Mama! Mama!

Me : Bakit?

Deye : Si Lolo saka si Mita may “balota” sa finger nila!

Me : huh?

Deye : Dito o! *showing her forefinger*, may “balota”, may violet sa finger nila.

Ayayay! Nag-derive na naman sya ng salita from the word violet ahahaha!

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