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Ate Rose

Ate Rose

At 5am today, Ate Rose left the house to finally be with his son, whom her mom had left under the care of her brother just like that. That was actually the main reason why she had to leave us unplanned.

She chose to leave early in the morning so that the kids won’t see her go. Or I would say. it’s the other way around ‘coz she gets a heavy heart leaving the girls, especially with Ishi whom she had been with for 2 1/2 years now. They spent more time together. She was crying when she was hailing a trike this morning. It was also sad to see her go. She had been a great help to me. She’s a person you can trust. If I had problems with her, those are the minor ones like not coming back on time whenever she goes on a day off which is very typical. All in all she had served us wholeheartedly and treated my kids like her own.

After dinner yesterday, I handed her a frame with photo collages of the girls with her (shown above). Deye also made her a note which brought her to so much tears.

I’m sure she will treasure this more than the gifts that we had already given her. Deye even requested that they had a photo taken with her holding the souvenir “gifts”. No doubt she’s a daughter of a blogger haha!

Ate Rose and the girls

This morning, before I left for work, I had a serious talk with my youngest and told her not to look for Ate Rose coz she went home to Kuya Joshua already. She nodded but with a sad face.

I told Ate Rose that she can come and visit us anytime. Here’s hoping that she’d have a better life now that she’s with her son.

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