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Avon’s Hair Removing Pads

…my newest companion! Been getting black marks on my legs from shaving off unwanted hair. Blame it on the hormones! Yeah, blame it on the hormones coz I don’t usually get these marks, they just appear only when I’m pregnant. I had to find a solution otherwise my legs would end up really ugly. I’ve been seeing Smooth-away pads online but never saw one in the local market here. Glad Avon has it!

hair removing pads

So there, I got myself a set and started using it just a couple of days ago. Sure thing it is painless. Finally, after many tries of using Veet cream and wax and failed, I got stuck to using razor but I guess it’s time to say bye bye to my razor now.

How to use:

  1. Remove the back part of the depilatory pad to expose the adhesive side.
  2. Attach the depilatory pad to the pad holder with the active/depilating surface exposed.
  3. Before using the pad, ensure that your skin is dry. DO NOT APPLY ANY LOTION OR CREAM on the area to be depilated.
  4. Use circular motion with slight pressure to remove unwanted hair. Rubbing with extreme pressure may cause redness to the skin. Redness of skin indicates incorrect use. It may be due to too much pressure applied, wet skin or cosmetics like cream or lotion left on the skin.
  5. Repeat the procedure until all unwanted hair has been removed.
  6. After use, rinse the pads under running water until clean.
  7. If effectiveness o9f depilaroty pads us reduced, replace with a new one. To replace pads, pull off the used pads and clean the surface with alcohol to remove residual glue.
  8. Attach new pad to the holder.

The not so good part? I don’t think Avon sells pads alone. Looks like I need to buy another set (that includes the holder) when these pads get over. Oh well! So much about beauty talks, time to get going and finish this task off i.e. Outer Banks beach rentals.

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