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Baby Bump Tag

I guess Mommy Van wants to see how “big” my tummy was before. No. Not the bulges. The baby bump. Thank God to the high technology that we have now, we are able to capture the MOMents and even document them on and offline.

So, here are mine:

{First frame by Choukette | Second Frame by Mira Designs | Preggy Icon by Petit Moineaux}

Now, don’t give me that look. I don’t really look pregnant in the 2nd set of photos. Tried hard though hahaha! Thanks to that top that my friend gave me on New Year’s Eve. I looked pregnant at least! Haha! Well, what do you expect? I was only 42 kgs back then. And now? Let’s just proceed to the rules hahaha!

{Start Copy Here}

1. Copy from ::Start:: through ::End::.
2. Add your blog to the list.
3. Tag your friends. You don’t need to be tagged in order to join. Feel free to join the fun.
4. Don’t forget to let me know your blog’s name and url by leaving me a comment HERE so I can add you to the Pretty Momma LIST.
5. Come back regularly to update your master list! You never know? This might help improve your ranking!

Masterlist : 1.Fun|Fierce|Fabulous 2.Me,Myself+2 3.Confessions of a Supermodel Wannabe 4. Momiespace 5.Because Life Is Fun 6.Bits and Pieces 7.The Shopaholic in Me 8.When Silence Speaks 9.Everything About Deye 10. Etc Atbp 11.VanityKit 12.MindBubbles 13.Stripe&Yellow 14.Something Purple 15.Em’s Detour 16.Living the Healthy Life 17.Juls Random Thoughts 18.Thea is bloggerhappy 19.Thea is berry scrappy too 20.BigMoneyList 21. Me and Mine 22. Creative in Me 23. Little Peanut 24. Pea in a Pod 25. Sugar Magnolias 26. kathycot 27. buhaymisis 28. whenmomspeaks29. Changing Lanes 30. Pit Stop 31. Life is What we Make it 32.  Dancing in Midlife Tune 33.  Life’s Questions 34. Photoblog 35. 100% Kelly 36. PinayWAHM 37. Teacher’s Corner 38. Simple Life, Simply Me 39. Porangag 40. Belly, Baby and Beyond 41. Simple Life, Simply Me 42. Bisdak’s Footprints 43. my little home42. YOUR BLOG(s)

{End Copy Here}

I am tagging all the PMC members out there.

A full-time home-based Marketing Manager by day, 24/7 Mom, and a Blogger at any time. I’m 42 and proud. Mom of Derelle & Erchelle, sharing my adventures as I walk through motherhood and having to do most things on my own while my Indian national husband works miles away from home.


  • analyse

    ay ang daya, bat ako out-y button? waaah! ang liit mong magbuntis, ako at 28 wks now, i look bigger than your 34th week.. i feel i’ll explode in no time hehe.. hmmm, my preggy pix are all over my blog, no need to do the tag, lol.

    analyse’s last blog post..She’s Biking!


  • Vannie

    yup, un sana comment ko, u don’t look preggy!!! ahahahaha but still glowing ^_^ haaaii sarap mag reminisce.thanks for doing the tag, added u na sa master list!

    Vannie’s last blog post..Baby Bump Tag


  • Mitch

    Mommy Analyse: Kaya nga eh, halos lumiyad na ako to everyone know na buntis ako. I remember our Pastry Chef at work, umorder ako ng cake for Deye’s christening, then he asked me for whom daw yun sabi ko sa anak ko. Sabi nya huh? Nagbuntis ka ba? Hahaha!


  • Mitch

    Mommy Vannie : I enjoyed doing this tag so much. nahalungkat ko na naman mga preggy pix ko. I had a hard time though kasi halos lahat mukhang hindi ako preggy haha! So far yan lang yung medyo malaki tyan.


  • Vannie

    “umorder ako ng cake for Deye’s christening, then he asked me for whom daw yun sabi ko sa anak ko. Sabi nya huh? Nagbuntis ka ba? Hahaha!”
    bwahahahahahahahahaha LOLZ

    Vannie’s last blog post..Flame of Friendship


  • Mitch

    Bwahahaha talaga yun kahit ako natawa sa sinabi nya. Akalain mo yun eh halos lagi nya akong nakikita kasi sa office ni boss lagi dept head meetings nila. 😀


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