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Back For Good

This is it! I’ll be back to Philippines for good with my daughter soon! DHL called my husband today and advised him that the delivery boy was right in front our door to give his employment contract and offer letter. But he missed it coz he was still at work! 🙁

He’ll be working for DHL one month from now, but I won’t be disclosing “where and which country” he’ll be assigned.

We’ll be submitting our resignation letters today or the latest by Saturday. I have called the banks to settle and close my credit card accounts. I have also called our Embassy for some documents needed and might call the cargo companies this afternoon. Whew! Too many things to settle before we finally bid Bahrain our goodbyes.

I just hope I’ll be able to get us a flight before Christmas. Otherwise I’ll be stuck here until January. Bad timing! Hmp!!!

More updates soon!


  • marie

    Hay naku! ganyan talaga ang agos ng buhay dapat sumabay. Be strong na lang, at be busy ha ha ha marami ka naman pinagkakaabalahan at isa pang be, be careful sa mga daliri mo baka mapudpod yan sa katitipa ng keyboard. Nagpapack ka na ng things nyo ang hirap naman ng kalagayan mo, buong gamit ba ng bahay ipapacargo mo? aray bigat din nyan sa bulsa. Di bale kumikita ka naman kay blogg enjoy ka pa!

    Good luck sis!!!

    Thanks sis!


  • arlene

    hi sis, just read this post and di ko ma explain kung dapat ba talaga ako matuwa or malungkot…bt i guess ur excited for it…so cg nalang..excited nalang. wish u can still spend the whole month of december there…para together pa rin kayo. ud better land Pinas soil by january nalang.

    ohhh it will be a new environment for Deye. 😀 excited kaya sya?

    cg ingat lagi!

    Mixed emotions. Malungkot na masaya. First time kaming magkakalayo eh. Masaya kasi I’ll be home. Mas gusto kong magpasko sa atin kasi malamang before Christmas ang alis ni Derrick waaaaah!


  • mk

    ow man, totoo na toh! hmmmm, hopin for the best for u here sis! on the brighter side, magiging regular kfg welcomin committee ka na as well as c deye (youngest kfg member)? hihihi take care sis, lots of hugs ur way =)

    Kung ang meeting place ba lagi eh sa Subic, why not hihihihi!


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