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Before I go on, allow me first to share our family portrait taken in the studio a day before he left. Yup, hubby left for work again this morning. It feels different. It seems so quiet here in the bedroom. No socks to pick up from the carpet. No crumpled bedsheets to fix once in a while caused by two D’s who decided to turn the bed into a playground. No more two rolling eyes to watch me as I try hard to cook our meals. *sigh* Missing him already…

And it really broke my heart the moment he got off the car taking his luggage… Deye screamed like hell asking “Kayi me first Dada!” (Carry me first Dada!), then she cried. I had to tell her again that Dada has to leave for work so we could buy her milk and toys. Then she kept quiet, staring the window, till she fell asleep.

As soon as we reached Olongapo at around 8am, we went to the bedroom straight. Then again she remembered Dada… Again I had to explain her the same thing. These moments really make me cry – discreetly.

There’s more to it… last night while hubby was having bath, I was lying down in bed thinking and crying…. I didn’t realize that Deye was coming inside and saw me crying. She asked me…

Deye : Mama, why are you kya-ying?

Me : I am sad because Dada is going again. I replied…

Deye : You are sad, why naman?, she added…

Me : Because we won’t see Dada for so many days… Then she innocently said…

Deye : I not sad, Mama because…. because… Dada is out-chide.

Wehehehe! Oo nga naman, Dada was still outside.

Oh well, guess I need myself to get used to this situation now. I’m trying…. very hard.

Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.


  • Vannie

    awww…this post made me sad mitch….:'( but u know what…its harder for derrick noh? he’s the one away from the family..

    oh well..buhay…hope ur OK na. you have ur little angel’s smile to make thngs easier.


    Vannie’s last blog post..Sticky: Still Nominated !!!


  • analyse

    naku mitch, that scene almost made me cry.. hugs to you and deye sis.. cheer up, as vannie said, mas mahirap kay derrick di ba..

    fyi, medyo kainis yung anti-spam mo ha, kasi it doesnt stay that long and when i finish my message, wala na sya.. i lost some messages before coz of that, buti ngayon, i had the reflex to copy it first before submitting 🙁

    analyse’s last blog post..6th Month Visit


  • Mitch

    Sakit nga lagi ng lalamunan ko. Panay nga ang tawag nya eh mula kanina.

    Ay ganun? Di bale I just deactivated it. Sowee! Di ko alam na ganun pala yang anti spam na yan. :p


  • julie

    hay, eto yung nakakalungkot. If its a consolation, you got Deye with you, siya, all by himself.

    Be strong Mitch and start counting the days na.Malapit na kakanta na si D ng..

    “I’ll be home for Christmas…”

    julie’s last blog post..As A Friend, I am…


  • Mitch

    You bet. Yup, mas masakit para sa umaalis, siya alone while I have Deye with me to cheer me up.

    Sana nga…. kaso he won’t be home for Christmas and even New Year. Kasi busy sila during this period. We’ll see each other after the New Year na saka sa India ang punta namin sa December. 🙁


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