Back To School

NOT! Hehehe! Next year, she will start… Anyway, I went to purchase something at the National Bookstore 2 days ago just right after the storm and seen how people were rushing buying their children’s school supplies…. Kaya naman I went with the flow hahaha!

Note : The bag isn’t included, I bought this 2 months ago. Just thought of putting it there for this shot para mas convincing haha!

And this one that really made her excited:

Tomorrow, I will post her “water coloring” session hahaha! Please bear with me, I’m just one those excited moms out there wishing that their children could go to school this early. When I say school, I meant the real one and not just the fun play…. 😀

Mitch Carvalho

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  1. We also passed by National last Sunday and we bought my 3 year old a school bag with stroller among other stuff. The thing is, we are thinking of just homeschooling him. lol


  2. Yes, that is also my main concern. As of now, he has a lot of friends-neighbors and the program we chose will allow the homeschooled kids to interact at least once a week. Anyway, we will take it a year at a time if we find that homeschooling is not for him then we’ll enroll him in a regular school.


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