My back-to-school mommy routine started last June 17, and it just surprises me how full my schedule is – yet I am able to manage it.

back to school mommy routine

As early as 4:00am, I am already up from bed cooking and preparing their breakfast, and school lunch packs (including their cousins and ours). While I wait for the dish to get cooked, I grab my first cup of coffee for the day.

coffee time

At 5:00am, I wake them up and let them get ready. Fortunately, they are now grown-ups and independents unless they need my assistance to style their hair on special school occasions.

At 6:30am, everyone should be ready to leave the house to avoid the morning traffic rush, then pick up their two cousins who just live nearby, and drop them all off to school.

By 7:00am, I am already back at home, that would be the time to have another cup of coffee, and get ready for work. From 7:30am to I am all focused at work and log off at 3:30pm. Only after then I’d get a chance to rest until 4:45pm, watch my fave and missed shows on YouTube and get ready again to pick them up from school.

So basically, that’s how my day goes on school days, unless, there are school meetings and errands that I need to attend to in between. I am just glad that my boss is so considerate that he allows us to leave early and just make up for the missed hours whenever. We also have paid leaves that we can take in case it may need us a day to attend to anything.

My day may look loaded, but trust me, with proper time management, everything is manageable. Also, I have a House Helper to rely on, who makes my chores lesser compared to other moms who have to look after the laundry etc. In my case, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I schedule the bedroom cleaning on weekends, too.

If you think you are busier than I am, that’s the best tip I could give you, manage your time well. Be on the dot. being on schedule helps a lot. Or just head on to this site and check out Back to School Tips for Parents.




Mitch Carvalho

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