Back to school shopping

Just another time of the year for parents to scout for cheaper school supplies. Deye’s school starts on June 13 giving me more time to do the shopping just in time for my payday. Derrick and I agreed that he takes care of the tuition fees while I take care of the school supplies. So we’re off to shop this weekend based on the list that the school has already given us.

This year, I also promised Deye to buy her a new school bag similar to the mechanism of Robby Rabbit’s, which pulls and pushes to any direction making it easier for our learners to handle their bags. Glad we found a Barbie bag that has its function. Downside is, it’s as expensive as paying her summer class! So here’s comes a mother’s defense “Anything for our children as long as it’s still manageable”.

The big challenge now would be conditioning my little one, Ishi, that she doesn’t need the same bag as her Ate. You know how kids are when they enter a shopping mall, even the tiniest garden gnomes will be thrown in your shopping cart.

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  1. I understand how you feel.My daughter is crazy about the Disney Princesses and the bags and lunch boxes that has a Disney princess design costs as much as those Barbie bags!


  2. I haven’t done any total shopping for my little boy’s school needs because I opted to re-use and recycle. He still has unused Robby Rabbit backpack (I won in a raffle, LOL), the black shoes I bought 2 months ago still fits him. I just need to buy some notebooks and stationaries by tomorrow. School will begin on the 13th.


  3. School shopping is exciting. I was able to do my first school shopping last month. Like Mommy Gigi, I think I will also recycle when there are extra school stuff in the next school year.


  4. Glad to be in a country where education is not expensive. actually free. the kids receive a monthly allowance until i think 21 y/o. i also remember the time when we were still studying, our parents also had problems when it’s time to pay for tuition and buy school supplies.


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