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Back to working from home

It was a hard decision to make but I’m left with no choice. Last week was a challenging week for me, that lead me to this decision. I resigned from my full time job a day before yesterday. It was somehow a wake up call for me that I should prioritize my duties and responsibilities as a mom first. Plus the fact that my absences are increasing, I didn’t want to have a bad record that will somehow result to losing my job.

Our house was badly hit by flood leaving us almost nothing. My nanny has also fallen sick and have not reported back to work since Thursday leaving me the household chores all by myself. My youngest who has been falling sick in the past months is once again having an asthma attack. And yours truly is not a superwoman who can handle everything at once.

Therefore, I concluded that maybe if I am home, even if I work from the comfort of my abode, I can still watch my children closely whenever they are not well without having the need to take a leave or ask permission from the boss.

With my extra jobs online, I know we can still make the ends meet.

I regret that it ended up this way the fact that I love my job but I am more than excited to be with my children, attending to their needs personally, and leaving my househelp focused on the chores. Yes, I am not giving her up, not yet. I don’t want to be overwhelmed with the chores that I am not used to. Eventually, I’m sure when the girls are more independent, I will let her go and be on our own. Then, maybe even making stuff from scratch like the Christopher Radko Ornaments will be an easy peasy job for me.

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