People who know me personally, well, of course, are aware that I have a natural hair. I’d say I’m one of the many lucky ones who can manage their hair easily by tying it up with fancy trinkets or make a bun and clip it in a snap! But just like the rest, my hair also needs hair vitamins especially when a woman gets pregnant, hair tends to become so weak and some even lose their hair very badly.

Again, I’m lucky coz this time I didn’t go through that stage much. But…. but… but for a vain mommy like me? I need to get my hair done! ASAP! That reminds me to send a message to my OB tomorrow and check if I could do a hair rebonding as early as now. Now means this week. Well, at least before the husband comes home. Who wouldn’t want to look good? With all these added fats on me, of course I wanna look better. A lot better than how he had seen me 9 months ago.

Update 02/02/10:
Doctor says “No, not yet. Chemicals might affect your baby coz she’s still on breastfeeding”.

Okay. End of discussion. LOL!

Mitch Carvalho

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