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Bangon Olongapo!

Bangon Olongapo! That was our shout out after my hometown was badly hit by flood last week! It happened too fast that we were not ready and did not take all our stuff up to the second floor.

Bangon Olongapo

For 37 years, I have not witnessed a flood this deep until last week. The only thing we did was put my sofa sets on top of the dining table and tv stand, without anticipating that the water level will go deeper than the usual.

Bangon Olongapo

Look at the water level, it was going deeper and deeper that made my not-even-one-week old fridge float.

As I watched outside by my terrace, I was hoping that the flood won’t go anymore deeper. I also posted and shouted out for help for my relatives next street as the water had reached their second floor, and I got damn worried for the kids. Unfortunately, no one came for them. I’m just glad nothing bad happened to them. Btw, thanks to my online mommy friends who put so much effort in spreading the word to get them rescued. I also appreciate those who kept on sending me messages asking how we were.

Sta. Rita Road

Our gate which disappeared after a while.

Sta. Rita Road

The houses in front of us, all under water.

Sta. Rita Road

The street signs that were almost gone!

Sta. Rita Road

All this started from 2am to almost 4pm. I’m so fortunate that my friend and colleague Gayle made time to call me at 2am warning me that it’s already flooded in their place. That’s the sign! Immediately, I woke my househelp up and we started putting our stuff up on the tables and stands. But that didn’t help.

The saddest part was, because we panicked, we missed taking the can opener and whatever food stocks that I have. The only thing that I was able to grab was a pack of crackers. Come lunch time, my girls were asking for food and I couldn’t offer them a decent one. I saw a can of corned beef but a can opener was nowhere to be found. I’m glad they understood as I explained them that I can’t just go in the water, chin deep or I’d be sicker by now.

Last week was horrible, I would say. I wanted to cry as I watched my stuff float in the water, helpless. I’m just thankful that nothing bad happened to any of my family members. This incident gave me a hint to just stay at home and get back to working from the comfort of my humble abode.

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