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Barbie Dolls and Care Bears

Barbie Dolls and Care Bears. These were famous during my younger years. I’ve always dreamed of having a complete set of barbie doll house with Ken but they won’t buy for me. My mom thinks it wasn’t practical during that time. I was lucky to have a few of them though. I remember saving my school pocket money just to buy my barbies’ stuff like shoes, hats, clothes etc.
Hey look! While I was googling Barbie dolls “images”, I found this. Aren’t they cute? Barbies on Ifugao outfit heehee!

Anyway, two weeks ago, my friend told me that she’s been thinking to buy Deye a Barbie doll but I refused. Not that I don’t like it but it’s still not practical. She’s still too young for that. I know we can keep it and by that time, new models will comes.

Another set of collection that I had were the Care Bears. At that time there were no stuffed toys (I guess so). Or maybe I was just not aware of that. But I vividly remember having tons of stickers that have to be stuck on a book that looks like a coloring book.

I would always skip “recess” just to save my school pocket money so that I can buy these stuff. At least when mommy sees all of them, she won’t say anything because I bought them from “my” money. That was the rule. If I wanted something that is not really important, I have to work or save for it. Unfortunately, I had given away my Barbie dolls to my younger cousins and I don’t see my Care Bears anymore.

I wish I had kept them!

Images source here and here.

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  • Mommy Chi

    my daughter has this barbie doll/bratz doll collection back from when she was just 3 years old. most of the expensive ones are still in their boxes. nakadisplay lang. ayaw ipalaro ng mom ko sa kanya. so one time I asked my daughter if she wants a new barbie doll, sabi ba naman sa akin, wag na daw kasi ginagawa lang namang display. natawa lang ako although i told her na di naman lahat nakadisplay.

    back when i was a kid, ang hilig ko naman nun e si rainbow bright. 🙂


  • ScroochChronicles

    Care bears are the best. I used to adore Strawberry Shortcake way back when. It’s frustrating kasi iba na itsura niya ngayon.


  • raqgold

    alam you are right, barbie dolls are better given to older kids – my kids, who are 3 and 5 – have already collected a small truck load of barbie things. (not exag ha, kasi may barbie houses, boats, chairs and tables, tents, etc) i use to separate the small things before giving it to them but then after a time, i’ve decided to let them all have it. after all, baka paglaki nila, di na yun ang type nilang laruin e — carebears are not popular in germany, though.


  • Heart of Rachel

    I love Care Bears too. I have a sticker book of Care Bears before (blue cover) and I spent most of my allowance buying stickers for it. I enjoyed trading excess stickers with other friends.

    I had several barbie dolls but I gave them away to my younger cousins.


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