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Barbie’s Jayla Pink Boots

Before seeing the pink boots at SM, my eldest daughter was insisting to get her an excellent gemeinhardt flute. I told you, she’s so fond of the musical instruments that she’s no longer sure what to take for lessons.

I’m glad it changed her mind when she saw the pink boots at the Barbie section of SM. Just in time, my brother already gave “cash” as an advanced Christmas gift for them. 

Jayla Boots

We wanted to buy the sneaker wedge type but unfortunately their sizes were not available so we just settled for the Jayla style. I even love it but I noticed a small defect in the smaller size, for my youngest daughter. Noticed the Barbie print? It was overlapped by the  folds of the top design, compared to the bigger size which was printed perfectly.

Jayla Boots

What can I do? The girls settled for this. If it was me, I would get the smaller size.

Jayla Boots

And when I checked the prices, I almost fainted! Glad it wasn’t my money hahaha!

Jayla Boots

Well, yeah, no worries, the girls were happier. Look at their photos! Their OOTD!


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