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Bargaining Friday

Last Friday, I got up at 7am and did a general cleaning at home. Since I was busy doing the house chores, it was my husband who gave Deye a bath, changed her nappy, dressed her up and made her food.

We didn’t have to cook that day as we still had some leftovers kept in the Fridge. After lunch was siesta time. Deye went to sleep for 2 hours. I had the chance to watch MMK peacefully while my husband watched his movies in the living room.

It has also become a routine that we go out every Friday. According to the Arabs, it’s called “mini-mini“, that means “just roaming around”. But this time we went for a little shopping for my in-laws, supposedly. As usual, I used my charm to get myself a pair of new shoes and watch courtesy of my husband of course hehehe! Deye got her watch for free, her smile, hi and babay were enough to touch the sales clerk’s heart hahaha! Anyway, back to the shoes… it looks expensive but it’s not.

And the discount that I got, superb! That’s the advantage of being a very regular customer of that store – for years now. I get like 40% discount sometimes heehee! Unfortunately, the medicated shoes that my mother-in-law was requesting for was not available in that store. So we had to check from the rest of the stores in the Souq. First shop was giving it for BD8. I said no that’s too much, I could get it from the other shop for just BD5. Bargaining went on… But the sales clerk won’t give in hehehe! We left the store. My charm didn’t work. Derrick started lecturing “that’s not the way to bargain, you should always start from the lowest price that you wanted, if they agree blah blah blah…. I just smiled and said let’s check the next shop. The last shop that we went gave it for BD5.

I admit, he’s far better than me when it comes to bargaining heehee! And shopping… And budgeting… And…. Don’t you get it? Anything that money involves hahaha!

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