Last January 29, 2017, Bataan-Zambales Cactus & Succulent Hobbyists 2nd Seminar with Sir Lino Rom, President of Cactus & Succulent Society of the Philippines, Inc. (CSSPI) was held in Orani, Bataan.

There were about 35 attendees, and 5 (of us) were from Zambales, my mom, aunt, 2 friends, and myself. Mom & I missed the first seminar with Sir Lino held last October because of the unfortunate event in the family that time. 

Sir Lino talked about Cactus & Succulent (CnS) proper care, propagation from small quantity, a little bit of grafting techniques, and watering tips. We also had the usual Q&A and raffle draws, which kept everyone wide awake the whole afternoon. We were lucky to have the first dibs on the items he bought from Thailand, at a very discounted price. Below were my purchases from Lino Rom Collection:

My bad, I can’t remember their names at all but one thing for sure, they’re all beautiful. Oh by the way, the event was held in Angelito’s Pizza & Restaurant in Orani, Bataan, owned and managed by one of the CnS enthusiasts, Ms. Fely Mariano.

If you think you are ready and interested to care for CnS, and nearby our area/s, you may visit the following online shops for your first purchase:

Bopbop Orani – sells pots and CnS
Cactus & Succulent by Samsimi – sells CnS
Lykian Crafts – sells pots
Pots & Prints Limited – sells pots and CnS
Isa Corpus – sells pots and CnS
The Green Thumb Lady

Just click on the links above and shoot them a message should you want to inquire.

All in all, it was another successful event, meeting new friends, exchanging plants and knowledge, and certainly one of the happiest days to us – CnS hobbyists! In my case, it was a double purpose, attending the event and braving the road to Bataan via SCTEX for the very first time.

I will be posting next the plant gifts that I received from my fellow hobbyists. Catch yah all soon!

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