Bathroom improvement

The bathroom in the apartment that we are renting in didn’t have its shower, ablution hose and exhaust fan. All this time we have been bathing the Filipino way with a pail filled of water that goes through a water hose with the help of a tabo aka the toilet paper alternative in the Philippines, or a water dipper in English. And freshen the bathroom up by using these commercialized air fresheners.

To those who haven’t seen a tabo, it’s the green thing hanging on the wall in the below photo:


So imagine the struggle that we had in the past year? Right after my husband came, we have been going back and forth to DIY Store, checked on some bathroom fittings and considered of getting these necessities fixed. We finally had our shower, exhaust fan and ablution hose fixed minus the portable water heater.

exhaust fan

I just don’t see it very important as of now. The cost is quite not practical. In fact when the sales guy attending to us asked me if I wanted to see the portable water heater that is costing more than Php10k, I joked with him that I’d rather get 5 kettles and get them all working at the same time.

Next project is getting a bathroom organizer fixed on the wall. At the moment, we only use this corner organizer for the daily toiletries that we use, and keep our stocks in one of the spare kitchen cabinets. This is how it looks now after removing the washing machine from the bathroom. It is now kept in the laundry area downstairs.

I really wish there are DIY stores here who give coupons like how the top bookstores in some countries offer their nfl shop coupons.

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