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BDO find ways…

to let you open another account with no choice! That’s what I have recently encountered and experienced with this bank.

While I was patiently waiting for my blog earnings to get into my account, which took so long that time giving me reasons to get worried, I received a call from the Olongapo Branch Manager informing me that my account has already closed. Right! When it was already closed, they took time to inform me but when it was in its delinquent status, no one paid attention. The explanation was I applied for a Savings Account that needs Php2,000 fund. Honestly, I do not remember because the only purpose for that was to receive my remittance which we have been doing since 2008 but recently opted for MLhuillier because of its more faster and convenient service.

So what the Manager was telling me that because I failed to have it funded for about 3 months now, my account closed! I have no complains about that if that was the bank rule but at least tell the client, warn or remind them that if so and so happens, my account will get deactivated, which they actually did when my account was already closed. When I told her that, she bluntly gave me an excuse that “Maam kasi sa sobrang dami ng accounts na hawak namin, di na nagawa“. I said “Well, I’m sure you have a system that tells you that the same way how and when you knew that my account already closed!” I was really upset that moment that I spoke in English straight catching people’s attention in queue because I needed the money for something and I can’t do anything because I still don’t have it! And she kept quiet…

The catch there was since I was expecting funds from PayPal, I was left with no choice but to open a new account with BDO coz otherwise the funds will go to the sender which I’m sure will take more time, knowing how strict PayPal rules have. And I didn’t want to wait further so I opened another account with them, but this time I opted for the Kabayan Savings (that comes with bankbook and atm) that requires no maintenance savings/funds, and only requires you to get it funded at least once a year!

I just hope that BDO people would also think about the hassle that they are giving their clients if they continue to neglect even this minor issues.

Anyway, enough talking about negative stuff. Let me move on and find out about life insurance which my husband and I have been talking about over the past weeks.

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  • jared's mum

    these banks really have ways of getting into our nerves, don’t they? imagine forcing you to open another bank account without even planning to? i just wish someone from the government will look into this so that they might be able to improve their services!


  • Mitchteryosa

    Mismo sis! It was really frustrating and disappointing kasi I have been with them since 2008 pa, and we transact there monthly so dapat sobrang alaga sila sa old clients an may active accounts.



  • Olga

    Hassle nga if babalik pa sa Paypal coz they’ll be charging you 250 pesos for failed transfers. 🙁 Bakit 3 months lang de-activated na? I thought one year dapat for an account to be considered dormant?


  • The Purple Doll

    I’m so sorry to hear about this, sis. It was unprofessional of them to claim that they manage a lot of accounts. Anyway, I hope you won’t experience another inconvenience with BDO or with other banks again.


  • The Pink Piggy

    I have a different scenario. I closed my BDO regular account because I opened a KABAYAN account. I totally forgot an incoming deposit from Paypal. Good thing about my branch is that instead of reverting my withdrawal from Paypal, they automatically credit it to my new KABAYAN account.

    By the way, update me with the fees from Paypal to Kabayan, I heard dapat wala pero two times na ako nabawasan. 🙁


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