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Be A Role Model

If you want your kids to remember the things that you teach them, be a role model first.

Watch this video.

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Have you noticed when I said “uh-um” to her instead of “opo” or “yes“? She adapted it right away! I should’ve said “opo” so that she would answer in the same manner. But I, too, sometimes forget. When I realized I was wrong, I corrected her by telling her:

What uh-um? What do you have to say?

I’m proud that she remembered and said opo afterwards…


  • nymfa

    thanks for the great post! the video is not so clear. but i agree with you that parents are to be role models if we are to become effective teachers.

    Oh? Sorry about that… Yup, that’s true!


  • feng

    grabe Mitch, ikaw ba yung nagsasalita sa background? parang terror ang dating ng boses mo, medyo nasindak ako. 🙂

    you know what I observed, ang galing na ni Deye maghawak ng spoon at grabe mag simut ng ice cream ha.

    nga pala, ASAP yang pinapanood mo noh?

    Ako nga yun hahaha! That’s why D always tells me I have a sungit voice and tone daw when I speak. :p Pero di naman ako galit nyan normal na yan sa akin. :p

    Pero dati lefty sya, lagi lang namin nireremind na dapat kanan, ayan nakuha din. Malinis syang kumain kasi maarte.

    Oo, ASAP nga kagabi nyahahahaha! Alam na alam ah!


  • noemi

    Ahh the Opo word. I am Cebuano and Opo is an alien word. My parents who were Tagalog never taught us to say “opo”. My relatives thought we were rude. hehe. Yes parents are role models. I hate it when my husband curses because the girls follow.

    My friend was telling me about that too, she’s from Surigao. Sabi nya nga wala daw opo sa kanila, basta daw kelangan pag sasagot something like “Oo, Ma”. Sa amin kasi dapat ganyan otherwise… :p Sermon!


  • Kongkong622

    Hahaha!! The first thing that came to mind was..”Ang laki ng boses ni Mitch.” Tapos yun din pala ang inisip ni Feng 🙂

    Cute ni Deye..and her “Mama” is just so adorable 🙂

    Modulated yan kaya ganyan kasi syempre ipopost ko nyahahaha! Pero ang totoo ang boses ko medyo close sa boses ni Matu as in Matutina. LOL!


  • mk

    katuwa naman c deye =) i love this post! i especially love na u were able to catch on cam un moment na ganito. im sure ur proud of deye kasi alam nia “opo” when u asked her of it. u raise her well mitch! =)


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