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I am writing this entry not to bring shame to other women. But I just think that we could actually tag this along with the present campaign that we are doing.
When I first came here (Bahrain), three of the Bahrainis were after me. Only to find out that they were all married! I felt bad, not because I like them but because of one thing : they were actually trying if they can hook up with me just like they did with my fellow Filipinas.

To be honest, Filipinas here do not project a good-fine-image. And they think everyone is the same just because of being a Filipina. If you ask them why, they will tell you their honest reason : Filipinas abroad are easy to get, just show them your money and they will certainly hook up with you. That’s a very sad statement, isn’t it? But sometimes, no matter how I defend them, I couldn’t help but to agree. I’ve seen women like that here, and what makes me sad is that they are my fellow Filipinas. Yet, I still do not blame them. There must be reason behind it.

I had a one on one talk with my husband when he was still courting me. I asked him why me when he can get “friendly” with his fellow Indian women. He said : I find you different…. Okay, I’m not bragging here. That’s what he really told me. But that’s not it, there was a continuation…

I find you different…. I have a confession to make, I never liked Filipinas because of the image that they have here, until I met you… You made me realize that everyone is not the same. Thus, the logic of “having ten different fingers”.

We had “our usual talks” last week. Unfortunately, after being together for almost 8 years now – till this date, some of his fellowmen are still questioning him : Why did you marry a Filipina? And he would answer them with pride “my wife is different, if you have a problem with that, I can’t help you solve it!” He uttered this line (again) just few days ago.

What I’m trying to say is that “if there is one person like my husband who can justify that Filipinas are not whores and gold diggers, then maybe we could change people’s minds and finally re-shape the Filipinas’ image“.

Here’s my message to those who judge us:

Mind your own business. You don’t know exactly where we have come from. Until that day when you finally found out, just shut your mouths up! And when that day comes, come to us and apologize and we will forgive you for misjudging us. That’s how we truly are – forgiving, loving, God-fearing, humble and of course don’t forget that we are sexy! 😉


Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.


  • noemi

    The word filipina was worsened when all these dating sites came out. When my daughter had an American boyfriend, his friends immediately thought she was a mail order bride. How sad. But it’s good you are writing about this and showing to the world what a beautiful and loving Filipina wife and mother you are.


  • Mitchteryosa

    I also dated an American before, I remember he was giving me money on my birthday. I told him, if you want to please me, buy something out of that money but I will never accept any cash from you.

    I don’t know what he had in mind at that moment, but I hope he got my message that he can’t buy my “heart” with that amount. Hmp!



  • Analyse

    very true. and sometimes, we suffer not only from the ‘foreign’ eyes but from our fellow filipinos as well. what about those mocking looks and stares from kababayans who would think i was an ‘ex’ prostitute or a MOB??

    reminded me of one of my colleague’s comment (when i was still in the phils) that i should be happy because the dollar rate was high, i didn’t get what she meant at once.. and then i understood in the end that a lot of people were thinking that frenchguy was sending me dollars.. wish ko lang hahaha.. but kidding aside, if ever he did that, basted na sya kaagad hahaha..

    o sya, nakikisilip lang habang nag-i-empake for vacation hehe.. happy weekend!


  • raqgold

    hi mitch — mail order bride or pen pal, hahaha .. anyway, we know what we are and we know what we have within our marriage, i dont care what other people thinks.


  • Mitchteryosa

    @ Analyse : Korek ka dyan. Baka inggit lang kapag nagcocomment ng ganun. :p

    Enjoy your vacation!

    @ Raqgold : I don’t have anything against MOBs or Penpals, sabi mo nga we know ourselves.


  • Heart of Rachel

    Hi Mitch. It’s so sad when people from other countries look down on Filipinas. It’s good that you are helping create a better image of the real Filipina by writing about it. I will also share my piece about it soon.


  • Manila Mom

    There will always be people who take advantage of other people, whether Filipinas or any other nationality. Golddiggers are everywhere, from any country. The point is that there should be no generalizations. Filipinas should not be judged according to the actions of a few, the same way Americans or Brits or any other nationalities should not be judged according to the actions of the unscrupulous among them.

    Kudos to you for joining the campaign to show the different faces of the Filipina to the world.


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