Last Feburary, I was shocked to hear the news that Billy, a former classmate and an admirer during college days has passed away. It was a sudden death. Thinking that he’s only in his early 30s made me wonder, was there anything left for his family? Yeah, he’s got 2 kids and if I’m not mistaken, the youngest was just born a year before his death. Friends told me that after the holiday he complained of getting a stomachache. He was rushed to the hospital, went home and some medications. Maybe nothing was diagnosed. Two days after, same thing happened. Again, he was rushed to the hospital, they admitted him but was able to survive only for few hours. I have no idea what illness it was, but maybe he has already felt that a long time ago but he just ignored it. For whatever reasons I don’t know. Could it be the medical expenses that held him do a general check-up? Nobody knows.

Whenever I hear these kind of stories, I always think of one thing “I have to be ready”. In fact we already have two memorial lots purchased. In case something like this happens, at least one problem is already solved. Our family is now also considering of getting Insurance Quotes just in case.

Mitch Carvalho

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