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Benefits of Recliners for Back Pain Sufferers

An estimated 10% of the world’s population suffers from pain in the lower back. Approximately 65 million Americans suffer from back pain. Judging from these figures, it’s obvious that back pain is a widespread problem. Actually, back pain is one of the leading reasons for medical visits. This article explores the benefits of recliners for back pain sufferers.

What Causes Back Pain? Back pain is split into two categories; Acute and Chronic. Acute back pain comes suddenly and lasts less than six weeks. It’s often caused by a fall or heavy lifting. Chronic back pain on the other hand lasts more than 3 months and is less common than acute back pain.

Back pain is often associated with certain conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, muscle or ligament strain, bulging or ruptured disks, and skeletal irregularities. Back pain can also be caused by old sports injuries. Chronic fatigue, pregnancy, poor quality sleep, poor posture, and depression are also known causes of back pain.

All these factors tend to put stress on the back muscles around the spine which can as a result tighten, thereby leading to severe backaches. Because back pain can greatly limit mobility and prevent sleep in affected individuals, finding effective relief is advisable to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Can Recliner Chairs Help Relieve Back Pain?


If you are suffering from any kind of back pain and have searched everywhere for a solution, worry no more. A recliner could be the ultimate solution! Also known as an armchair, reclining chair, or lounger, a recliner is chair that reclines when one lowers the chair and raises its front part. The recliner’s back can be tilted backwards for better comfort and the footrest can be extended when the back is positioned in a reclining position.

More advanced recliners now have additional support features such as lumbar support, headrest, and footstool. In the past few years, recliners for back pain sufferers have been widely accepted due to the superior level of comfort they offer. Now recliners are an excellent choice for back pain as they tend to take weight off the sufferer’s back. By reclining the chair, you are relieving pressure from your spine. Experts consider a reclining position to be ideal as sitting up straight leads to muscle contraction.

The chair also allows you to elevate your legs to relieve pressure from the muscles and the veins. Blood circulation is as well improved once your feet are elevated. The good thing about recliners is that they can be easily and automatically adjusted to fit an individual’s comfort and needs.

Benefits of Recliners for Back Pain Sufferers Most doctors often recommend recliners to relieve both acute and chronic back pains in patients. This is due to the simple reasons that these chairs come with numerous health benefits. Your doctors will recommend the best recliner for back and neck pain. Let’s have a look at the main benefits of using recliners to relieve back pain.

• Recliners are designed in such a way to prevent or greatly reduce back pain by providing great comfort and support to your back and neck
• Recliners help reduce back pain in affected areas by minimizing stiffness and tension in the muscles
• Recliners can be easily and automatically adjusted depending on an individual’s comfort and specific needs
• Recliners with massages help relieve body aches and back pains by boosting blood circulation in the body. They also help reduce feet swelling.
• Recliners are an ideal choice for pregnant women suffering from back pain. They help align the back of the pregnant mother by taking off some weight
• Recliners help relieve headaches and neck pain resulting from neck strain
• Recliners offer complete body support for overall relaxation

What Kind of Recliners Are Good for Back Pain “I suffer from back pain” “What is the best recliner to choose?” This is a common question that many back pain sufferers ask. The truth is, the best recliner for back pain is one that fits your specific needs such as support, comfort, and severity of back pain.


There are different types of recliner chairs and each one of them works effectively to relieve back pain. Ideally, choosing the right one shouldn’t be a daunting task.

Massaging Recliners If your back pain is caused by muscle tension, a massaging recliner is your ideal choice. This chair comes with rollers, motors, and vibrating features that mimic the experience of a traditional massage. It stimulates the production of endorphin which reduces muscles aches and relieves stress.

Lifting Recliners A lifting recliner is perfect for back pain sufferers who are unable to lower themselves on the chair or stand back up. It allows one to raise and lower the chair with great ease and is perfect for elderly people or people with severe back pain.

Classic Recliners This is basically a traditional recliner chair that offers excellent lumbar support, elevates feet, and supports the neck. It does not come with high-tech option but is still a great choice for back and neck pain sufferers.

Recliners with Separate Ottomans Perfect for both short and tall people, these recliners help eliminate lower spine pressure and pelvis. For most basic chairs, most short and tall people find it hard to find a position that is comfortable. This recliner comes with a separate piece for easier and more effective adjustment.

• Zero-Gravity Recliners These recliners are referred to as “zero-gravity” because they tend to mimic that natural shape the body falls into when floating in a zero gravity environment. It basically lifts your feet such that they are almost level with your head.

They are perfect back pain relievers as their ergonomic shape prevents intense stress on the back and hips.
Recliners can be said to be the perfect miracle for back pain sufferers. Besides relieving back pain, these chairs greatly reduce stress levels and improve mood and overall efficiency. Selecting the right recliner will without a doubt work wonders in relieving your acute and chronic back pain.

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  • evelyn

    I usualy get the back pain for unknown reasons. Sometimes the pain in the waist, but sometimes it is more painful near the shoulders and neck. And, of course, when I have menstruation, my back aches too. I tried to overcome and adapt to my pain. Itotally agree with you about the benefits of Recliners for back pain. I already tried and feel better.


  • Eddie Canales

    Hello Mitch, I totally agree with you that the recliner is the ultimate solution for back pain and neck pain. In your blog, people will find reason to give preferences to recliners. Thanks for the blog. Keep sharing!


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