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I was tagged by Cheche of Frechie’s World. Let me recall the 5 best nights I had in my life, hmmmmm….

1. November 4, 2004 – My Wedding Night. The same night when I became Derrick’s official wife. It was a blast. We had fun at the wedding reception. Close friends and families were present and celebrated with us. The party got over at almost 3am. And then…….. oh you know that! Hahaha!

2. May 21, 2005 – The night I saw two strips coming. It wasn’t planned! I didn’t even realized I was already 10 days late. It was my friend who reminded and asked me if I got it on time that month. Then I remembered! I bought the test kit. I was supposed to check it the next day but I couldn’t wait any longer, so I did that same night. That was it! I got two lines… The next day I called the hospital and scheduled myself for another check-up.

3. May 23, 2005 – Sleepless night. Not that I was bothered. I was soooooooo happy because I was going to be a mother – soon!

4. January 22, 2006 – It was the first time I stayed in the hospital over night. Though I was in pain, it didn’t matter at all…

5. January 23, 2006 – The night when I became a mother, officially. Need I say more? If you’re a mother, you would know….

I’m tagging Khristine, Rach and Yen.

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