Black Saturday

No. I’m not talking about Saturday as a holy day. It’s a Black Saturday for me this coming week, means D is leaving on this day waaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Got his ticket details this morning. It’s confirmed and I’m dismayed. Thought he’ll be leaving at least late at night on Saturday. He’s leaving @ exactly 5am on the 1st. From Saturday onwards till we get our flight booked, we’re home alone. *sigh* If we don’t we’d probably stay in Dubai with my sis-in-law and fly to Philippines from there. I don’t like the idea of spending Christmas here alone with Deye. I just hope I’ll get a seat before Christmas. 🙁

Anyway, I started packing yesterday and filled one jumbo box already. We still have a lot of things to pack and take home and I don’t know how the hell I’ll do that. I have checked with our agent about getting a 2CBM container and see how much it’ll cost me instead of paying cargo per box.

Well, let’s see…

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  1. Hi Mitch!! I’m sad too that you won’t spend the holidays with D 🙁

    But, there is the webcam so improvise na lang 🙂

    See you soon!!

    Haaaaaaaaaaay! 🙁


  2. awww, tuloi na tuloi na pala talaga anoh? im keepin all my fingers crossed na sana ul spend Christmas here in the Pinas. ika nga ni bh, keep the faith! Take care sis!

    Sana nga….


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