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Most of my friends ask me, why do they see me online on wee hours and I would always have a ready answer for that “I grab opps during these wee hours” then comes the explanation of what opps are, and how blogging is connected to my “staying up late at night”.

Another question to follow is “But your husband sends you money right?”

“Yes, monthly without fail, but that only doesn’t mean that I just have to depend on his salary, I also have my personal needs plus the “fact” that I am staying in my parents’ house”.

My husband is a good provider, means, he knows his responsibilities when it comes to this matter and always been ready to lend a helping hand with my extended family. That is why I don’t want to take advantage that just because he sends me his earnings every month, all I have to do is wait and spend whenever I want. Call me a wife with pride but this is just how I want it to be.

Most of my blog earnings go to my electricity and other bills. In our house, bills are on me. Today, I spent more than 5k already from my blog earnings:

Elec bill 3.000.00
Smartbro 1,000.00
Smart phone 1,000.00

From Smart Wireless Center, went to Colorview CATv and applied for a cable. Spent 2,393.00 for 2 adboxes and some additional fees. Full package costs 742 a month. Since I have a TV in our bedroom, so I applied for an extension. Monthly fee will now cost me 1,193.00 just for the cable. And this means another bill has been added to the above ahuhuhu! By the way, water bill isn’t included there yet *sigh*.

More or less, I spend 7k just for the utilities. Thank God for these blog earnings, really! At least I am able to manage and make ends meet without asking my husband to send extra. Well, sometimes I do hahaha! Sometimes lang naman heehee!

Till next time, off to find business performance management software. Later!

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