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I started blogging back in 2005 after I got married, but that was unofficial. I took blogging seriously 2 years later and bought this domain, my very first, another year after. It’s been that long already and I’d say blogging these days is far different back then. With my own reasons, allow me to enumerate the differences:

Back then, I blog because I want to. I share my thoughts willingly. Now, I blog because I earn. Well, that’s a part of it. I’d be hypocrite if I’d deny that fact.

Back then, I blog everyday because my thoughts are continuously over flowing. I didn’t care if it was written in Tagalog or English. I didn’t care if it had wrong grammar for as long as it’s shared from the bottom of my heart. Now, I blog everyday because I need to update my blog. Because I need traffic. I need updated posts. Otherwise, I’ll lose my PR which happened during the last Google PR Update. Maybe I should look into a service that provides free content for websites if I run out of things to write about.

Back then, I blog hop because I enjoy meeting people online. In fact, a lot of them eventually became my friends in real life. I feel glad meeting people whom I share similar qualities. Now, I blog hop because I need to get known by other Bloggers and of course get traffic and exchange links.

Back then, I leave comments because I just love to. Leaving traces mean you want to be remembered the way you wanted it. Now, I leave comments whenever I have time or because I’m obliged to as it is one of the blog giveaway requirements. Try digging in my old posts and compare the number of comments I get before than now. Then tell me the difference.

Back then, one blog is enough. That’s how much I can handle. Now, I have 8 working blogs. Even a dollar for each of my blog will help  me make the ends meet, so why not?

It’s just so sad that the real reason behind blogging is gradually changing. No offense meant to the newbies out there but that’s just my opinion.

Marketing Manager at Adventures Beyond Group | WAHM | Ex-OFW | Music Enthusiast | Cactus and Succulent Hobbyist | Hello Kitty Lover | A 42 y/o mom of two lovely girls sharing her adventures as she walks through motherhood and having to do most things on her own while her Indian national husband works miles away from home.


  • Gaylee

    i am a newbie in blogging, thanks to you lola, haha! and i am actually enjoying it na coz i can share my thoughts without anyone interfering/correcting me, pero honestly, i don’t think i’ll reach that level…the earning part, stressful kasi, hahahaha!


  • Pinx

    i’m guilty of this… have been blogging for more than a year pa lang, and i blog because i wanted to earn to help my hubby. but this is today… back then, i was just a mom… now i am a work-at-home mom. no regrets. times are changing din naman kasi… hehehe… saw your post in PMC so i dropped by.


  • Olga

    My story’s the other way around. 😀 I tried blogging because I heard that one can earn from it. Then I got to know the bloggers personally and was (and still continues to be) inspired by their stories. So even without the earnings, I will still blog and visit other blogs whenever I can. You guys actually keep me sane.


  • Maricel Tan

    Hi Mitch! Same situation here! Been a blogger for 8 years now (on and off) and when I started learning how to earn through blogging, it made me feel obliged to the point na it’s stressing me out as well, hence nakakawalan na minsan ng gana. But of course, tuloy parin ang blogging, where we still air out our thoughts and point of views on things and matters.

    Difference din before and after: Before, I didn’t really care if there’d be anyone reading my blogs, or if there’s traffic, basta sulat lang ng sulat, enjoy eh! Now, blog traffic has become the “thing” sa blogging, you have to think of topics to write down so that people will read them. >_<


  • wena

    medyo guilty din ako dito… for the longest time, kuntento na ako sa isang blog at sa free platform pa. last year lang ako bumili ng sariling domain at nag-umpisang mag-aral ng SEO at naging conscious sa rankings. pero kung usapang “earnings from blogging”, newbie pa rin ako.


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