Blogless For Words

If you have noticed, the last post I’ve made in this blog was dated 12th November 2008 which is so unusual. Actually, the title of this post shouldn’t read Blogless For Words, coz I’m not. I’m just exhausted. It’s been a toxic week for me.

Working from home is definitely convenient but time adjustment has to work. I go on duty at exactly 12 midnight where most of the time, my daughter gets to sleep after that. She even told me last time that I didn’t have to work, that her Dada will just give me money instead. I finish at 4am {that was for the first week, but I’m going to have 6 hours daily beginning Monday} and get to sleep at past 7am. By the time I’m peacefully asleep, my daughter would wake me up when it’s her “potty” time, that’s around 10am mostly. My parents are there to back me up but she prefers to be with me at times. In short, my sleep is disturbed.

Then, I had to finish my first article with eOFW. And don’t forget that I still have 3 other blogs to update. Teehee! I’m not complaining though. It’s my choice and I’ll live with it!

I told you, I’m not blogless for words, just didn’t have time to write type these words down.

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  1. Korek!

    I really have no idea sis san nya natutunan yun haha! But I remember one time she asked for something and I didnt wanna give in kasi nga I just bought her something else, sabi ko go and ask Dada for pera haha! She must’ve remembered that!


  2. hi mitch!

    matalino talaga si deye. good luck on your online job and food franchise as well. 🙂

    i think, blogging will remain as one of my hobbies na lang. wala na ako gaanong time to blog. busy-busyhan sa graduate school hehe…

    wena’s last blog post..What Happened…


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